Easter Morning

Maybe someone comes to the door and says,

“Repent,” and you say, “Come on in,” and it’s

Jesus.  That’s when all you ever did, or said,

or even thought, suddenly wakes up again and

sings out, “I’m still here,” and you know it’s true.

You just shiver alive and are left standing

there suddenly brought to account: saved.


Except maybe that someone says, “I’ve got a deal

for you.”  And you listen, because that’s how

you’re trained – they told you, “Always hear both sides.”

So then the slick voice can sell you anything, even

Hell, which is what you’re getting by listening.

Well, what should you do?  I’d say always go to

the door, yes, but keep the screen locked.  Then,

while you hold the Bible in one hand, lean forward

and say carefully, “Jesus?”


“Easter Morning,” by William Stafford


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