The Bible is the Scepter of Christ

“[W]e do not ‘make’ Jesus Savior or Lord.  We believe in him, trust him, receive him as Savior and Lord.  And further, if having Christ as our Savior means belonging to the kingdom of God (as it certainly does), we cannot possibly live in his kingdom without his being King and Lord … [and] he expresses his authority through his word, the Bible.  It is, as John Calvin picturesquely put it, the scepter by which King Jesus rules his people.  It is in Scripture that Jesus continues to give us his teaching.  When we read it, study it, and seek to obey it, we hear his voice and recognize his authority (see John 10:3-5).  That is why one mark of the Christian will be loving study of Scripture and a growing obedience to everything Christ teaches us through Scripture.”  Sinclair Ferguson, The Sermon on the Mount, 6-7.


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