It Takes Faith to Raise a Child

In 1996 Hillary Clinton wrote It Takes a Village.  She argued that children aren’t only the products of their immediate families (for good or ill) but also of the society and community around them (again, for good or ill).  Without a healthy “village,” so the argument went, there could be no healthy children. There is …

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The Bible is the Scepter of Christ

"[W]e do not 'make' Jesus Savior or Lord.  We believe in him, trust him, receive him as Savior and Lord.  And further, if having Christ as our Savior means belonging to the kingdom of God (as it certainly does), we cannot possibly live in his kingdom without his being King and Lord ... [and] he expresses his authority through his word, …

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"If you asked me for the most common diagnosis among the people I treat, I wouldn't say depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, although these conditions are all too common among those I've known, loved, and guided to freedom.  No, I would say hunger. We are hungry.  We are hungry for approval, attention, affection.  We are …

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