The Importance of Knowing Their Names

Eugene Peterson died last year.  He was known as the pastor’s pastor.  I started reading him in seminary (I can’t now recall how I found my way to him, as I don't think he was assigned) and I will be forever grateful that I did.  His vision of pastoral ministry shaped mine, and whatever help …

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Hope Is Not Optimism

"'Hope' and 'optimism' are not the same thing.  The optimist looks at the world and feels good about the way it's going.  Things are looking up!  Everything is going to be all right!  But hope, at least as conceived within the Jewish and then the early Christian world, was quite different.  Hope could be, and …

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This fall we are revamping the small group ministry at Grace Bible Church.  For the past year some small groups met in our church but were not organized by the elders or the staff.  We focused our energies on Sunday morning core seminars, worship, and neighborhood prayer meetings instead. The prayer meetings turned out, for …

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