The Ministry of Prayer

Acts 6 is the account of the first deacons.  The apostles were swamped with complaints about the distribution of food to widows in the church.  Rather than take this issue on themselves, the apostles appointed seven other men "full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom" to address the problem.  They did this because they needed …

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When You Hate Going to Work

"I am grateful the Lord never allowed me an opportunity to quit his assignment for me. He kept me where he willed, and that was University Hospital for almost 30 years. I can look back now and call it the 'A plan.'   The better-than-I-could-have-chosen-for-myself plan." The last paragraph of an encouraging and convicting article by Gaye Clark.  …

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This fall we are revamping the small group ministry at Grace Bible Church.  For the past year some small groups met in our church but were not organized by the elders or the staff.  We focused our energies on Sunday morning core seminars, worship, and neighborhood prayer meetings instead. The prayer meetings turned out, for …

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